Cross Trade Shipment Services

Cross Trade Shipment Services

Cross Trade Shipment Services


Cross trade shipping describes the transportation of goods between two countries outside the country of operation.

PSS SHIPPING SERVICES LTD is able to handle complex cross trade shipments across land, sea and air with precision and efficiency thanks to our experienced staff, wide choice of trusted overseas shipping suppliers and locally-based freight professionals. Specialist cross trade cargo movements are assigned to our project management team who work with specific shipping agents selected for their unique cargo handling expertise. PSS SHIPPING SERVICES LTD provide a comprehensive range of ‘bolt-on’ services for regular and cross trade transportation including cargo insurance, packing, lashing / securing, container stuffing and local inland logistics. This means PSS SHIPPING SERVICES LTD can deliver first rate cross trade logistics services for shipments of any size from just about any port in the world to even the most difficult to reach destinations.

Cross Trade Shipment Services Key features:

§ Customs clearance and documentation preparation

§ Specialist staff for break bulk, abnormal and oversize / overweight cargoes

§ Strong international network of trusted shipping agents and freight forwarders throughout the World.

§ Packing, lashing and securing

  • Obtaining the required certifications / permissions from the local authorities

· Freight insurance

To avoid multi-currency transactions and improve your cost management, we can provide one invoice for the entire service.