Ship Agency

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Over 35 years of Experience!

As a leading Port and Marine Service provider in the Southern Iranian ports, PSS offers the full spectrum of ship agency services required by the maritime industry, including:
  1. Ship registration with the local port authorities

  2. Payment of port dues

  3. Coordination with the parties involved (shippers/consignees/ports/terminals etc)

  4. Pilot Request

  5. Crew Repatriation

  6. Emergency Repairs

  7. Fresh Water Provision

  8. Fuel Provision

  9. Ballast tank reports

  10. Ship Store Replenishment

  11. Slops Removal

  12. Appointment of tallying/survey/stevedoring companies on behalf of the clients

The depth of knowledge within PSS Shipping Services LTD allow us to provide a flexible and tailored service to meet the diverse needs of ship owners and charterers.

Our port agents will quietly and efficiently take care of all the regular routine tasks, 24/7. They’ll ensure that essential supplies, crew transfers, customs documentation and waste declarations are all arranged without delay. They’ll provide you with updates and reports so you have up-to-the minute information that you need at all times. That’s why so many of our principals trust us implicitly to look after their business, wherever they operate, and whenever they ship, right across the world.